Allergen-Free. High Fiber. Low Carb. Protein Rich. Delicious.

Pronunciation: [jăz-zee-loo-pee-nee] - Food that makes your tastebuds dance so you can dance through life longer and stronger.


Focused on delivering better for you food options and leaving a positive impact on as many lives as possible, we dreamt up JaziLupini. Our mission is  to make a tasty, healthier, and more nutrient dense version of a classic staple.

Due to dietary restrictions, pasta is no longer an option for many people across the globe. Refined high carb, gluten-filled, low protein pastas are no longer going to cut it! So we sourced high quality, sustainable ingredients that are low in net carbohydrates and high in protein and prebiotic fiber, all while keeping the versatility, flavor and texture of regular pasta. Now it’s our goal to share it with you!

We’re happy to say we are the creators of a convenient and healthy product that’s still full of integrity and flavor. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Why You'll Love JaziLupini

From our crowd favorite no-boil lasagna noodles to our macaroni, JaziLupini isn’t just for those who are on diets. It’s for pasta lovers. And everyone loves pasta!
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What You're Saying About JaziLupini

I had ordered three different types. I cooked one and it is pretty close to regular pasta!
Etsy Customer
Got the fettuccine noodles and they are amazing with keto alfredo sauce...perfect texture and taste. This may save my keto diet!
Etsy Customer
Delicious! I bought this for my mom who is on Keto and she absolutely loved it! Thank you ❤️
Very good! So much better than zoodles & the shirataki noodles on the market. I’ve only tried the plain fettuccine so far but am looking forward to the others I bought. Thanks so much for offering these.
Etsy Customer

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