JaziLupini is a pasta startup company that’s created a plant-based gluten-free pasta which is low carb and protein rich.

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With  rising consumer health awareness, many are turning their backs on foods that consist of refined carbohydrates – including traditional pasta. Whether someone is looking for a pasta alternative that’s egg-free or gluten free, JaziLupini™ is the only pasta that caters to all dietary needs…

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of Pasta is eaten by the average American every year
0 %
of Americans are Type2 diabetic (CDC)
0 %
of Americans eat pasta each week
0 %
of Americans say they'd try a new plant protein (Food Insight)
1 /3
of Americans want to reduce their gluten intake (Gallup)
# 1
As of 2020, the ketogenic diet is the #1 diet in America
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Nutrition Facts (2 oz serving)

42 g
0 g
0 g

Protein and Carb Content Comparison to Other Brands

The percentage of protein per 100g is represented by the bars while the net carb values are labeled according to USDA Data.

4.46 net carbs 45.5%
Explore Cuisine Black Bean Pasta
14.3 net carbs 44%
48.2 net carbs 23%
Barilla (69.7 net carbs)

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What People Are Saying About JaziLupini

I had ordered three different types. I cooked one and it is pretty close to regular pasta!
Got the fettuccine noodles and they are amazing with keto alfredo sauce...perfect texture and taste. This may save my keto diet!
Delicious! I bought this for my mom who is on Keto and she absolutely loved it! Thank you ❤️
Very good! So much better than zoodles & the shirataki noodles on the market. I’ve only tried the plain fettuccine so far but am looking forward to the others I bought. Thanks so much for offering these.

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