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Because every bite should be both delicious and wholesome!

We’re reimagining the world’s favorite comfort foods in a protein forward and sustainable way!

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JaziLupini is an innovative snack company dedicated to satisfying cravings while supporting a healthy gut. Starting with our low-carb pasta, our foods are packed with premium organic ingredients with functional nutrients like protein, probiotics, fiber, and immune-boosting superfoods.

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Lupin Flour

ADD SOME FLOUR POWER TO YOUR LIFE - Our gluten-free and keto lupin flour is a wholesome and nutritious wheat flour substitute. It is naturally low carb and high in protein. You can enjoy all of your favorite recipes while meeting your dietary needs.

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JaziLupini Pasta (FUSILLI)

  • LOW CARB PASTA THAT ACTUALLY FEELS LIKE PASTA – Our pasta has that chewy al dente feel without tasting rubbery or like cardboard. The mild yet neutral taste of sweet lupin flour will go with any pasta sauce.

  • GLUTEN-FREE & MACRO-BALANCED – Unlike many low-carb or keto pastas out there, JaziLupini is gluten-free and does not contain any wheat or soy.

  • QUICK & EASY TO PREPARE – Cooking only takes a quick 8-12 minutes of boiling with salt!

  • SUPER VERSATILE – Use as you would regular pasta! Great with any red, white, or cheese sauce. Enjoy in casseroles and as a cold pasta dish too! Parents, sneak in that protein and fiber for the kids in a mac & cheese, they won’t know the difference!


8 oz. package (227g) and serves 4 (57g per serving).

Word on the Street...

“@jazilupini with vegan chicken & balsamic reduction drizzle - super super super delicious noodles! 10/10 recommend & husband approved!”


“✨sweet potato mac and cheese✨

This mac and cheese is so comforting and nourishing 😍 it’s creamy without any nuts! So easy to make for a 20-minute weeknight dinner.

I used @jazilupini vegan gluten-free pasta for this meal which made it a filling and balanced meal 😋 it contains 26g of protein and only 3g net carbs!”


“My son wanted pasta so I decided to try this low carb pasta from @jazilupini and it was amazing. It tastes just like regular pasta that’s higher in carbs. It was definitely a hit. This is just regular sauce I whipped up. I added some bell peppers and chicken sausage balls. The net carbs for one serving of the pasta is 3g. It’s definitely something I would try again. I enjoy the texture being consistent with what I’m used to with regular pasta. 🤤”


“This Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Mac ‘n Cheese hack is lit ❤️‍🔥

Hot Cheetos everything would forever be my vice. Luckily, there are some ways around adding that beloved spice back into my life without completely derailing my low carb goals. I found Cheetos Mac ‘n Cheese at my local Walmart for $1.🔥

I used keto-friendly @jazilupini as an awesome pasta replacement and followed the directions per the Mac ‘n Cheese packaging but used grassfed butter and half & half instead of milk.”


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